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2 Tales of Creation

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Here's an at-home bible study to do with your household or friends. Many of the questions are accessible to all ages. There's a household activity at the end.

1. What non-Christian stories of creation do you know? What do these stories tell you about God? About yourself?

2. Read Genesis 1:1-2:4a (the seven days of creation). What does this story tell you about God? About yourself?

3. What do you suppose it means to be made in God’s image? In what ways do we look like God?

4. Memorize the order of creation. Here’s a trick: Day 1 is day and night; day 4 is sun and stars. Day 2 is sea and sky; day 5 is fish and birds. See the pattern? Look at day 3; can you guess day 6?

5. Read Genesis 2:4b-25 (the Garden of Eden). What does this story tell you about God? About yourself?

6. How is the order of creation different in this story? Why do you suppose the Bible has 2 creation stories?

7. “The man” is created from “the earth”. In Hebrew, “Adam” is created from “Adamah”. His name’s a pun. Come up with an English pun for someone made from earth/dirt/mud/dust/ground/etc.

8. Man needs a partner. Woman came from man. Men come from women. What does this say about our relationship with each other?

9. Let's dig a little deeper. When the human needed a partner, God took a part of the human to make the partner. They were literally two parts of the same soul. What does this say about God's desire for humanity?


Notice the names of the 2 special trees. This will matter next month.


God created a lot of beautiful and strange things. Leviathan and Behemoth are two amazing creatures God mentions to Job (Job 40 & 41).

Come up with a Top Ten list of the strangest things God created and another of the most beautiful things God created. These lists could contain anything: living things, microscopic things, things in space, scientific theories, and more. Did anything appear on both lists?


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