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Esau Stew

Did you hear the Esau Stew rap our Sunday school kids made last year? Well, if you missed here, you can find the full lyrics here (refrain written by SparkHouse)!


It’s the Esau Stew/Boogaloo!

When you trade away your birthright/what can you do?

Look at what’s cooking there/in the pan.

It looks like God/has a tasty plan.

So if your skin is smooth or/covered with hair,

You can count on God’s will/as perfectly fair.

Verse 1:

Jacob and Esau,/they were two brothers,

But one of these things/is not like the other.

Esau was hairy/and liked the outdoors,

Jacob was smooth/and would rather clean floors.

Esau would get much/cause he was the oldest.

Jacob would get little/but he was the boldest.

Verse 2:

Esau was hunting/while Jacob made stew.

Esau was hungry/what could he do?

Jacob gave him stew/but wanted his birthright,

Esau said “Yes”/’cause he wasn’t very bright.

Verse 3:

But birthright’s not enough/he needed Isaac’s blessing.

They came up with a plan/that would keep Isaac guessing.

Jacob went to Isaac/covered with fur,

Isaac thought he was Esau/but he just wasn’t sure.

He gave the blessing anyway,/and what’s done is done.

Jacob tricked them both/but God chose him as the one.

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Nicole Mæ Catino
Nicole Mæ Catino
21 בספט׳ 2019

Love this! What a fun way to recount and share this bible story. Great job & congrats to the Sunday School Students for the lyrics and performance!

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