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Honorary Grandchildren for a Day

At the beginning of April, the youth of Trinity visited Phoebe Ministries skilled nursing unit in Richlandtown, spending an hour with some of the residents there.

Each of the youth were asked to bring one or two activities with them that they'd do with their own grandparents or elderly friends. Some brought coloring books, some brought games, and some brought story books.

When we arrived, the youth were invited to take their activities with them, find a resident to sit beside, and introduce themselves. The residents were overjoyed to find themselves the center of attention by so many young people, as we read to them, colored with them, and taught them new games to play.

Phoebe also had a craft prepared for us to do together. The dining room there always has beautiful homemade centerpieces at all the tables. The youth and the residents worked together to create the new centerpieces for the Easter holiday, filling jars with eggs, grass, and flowers.

Sometimes it's hard to find ways for youth to serve. Christians are called to go out and meet Jesus in the world, feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned (Matthew 25). But many activities these days, for safety reasons, don't allow youth to participate. Nursing homes like Phoebe are a great place where our youngest disciples can live their faith, visiting those somewhat isolated from the rest of society. It was our joy and pleasure to bring and share community and Christian love with the people at Phoebe.


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