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Once Upon a Snowman

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

A dozen children gathered at Trinity for a night of food and festivities, put on by the teens of Trinity Lutheran and Evangelical Durham.

The night started with an extended decorating party, as the teens made the fellowship hall as festive as they could, putting up decorations they brought as well as borrowing every unused decoration they could find in storage. By the end of their hard work, every table was a present, Christmas lights bigger than a human head hung from the ceiling, and music filled the air.

When the children arrived, we began with nice Christmas breakfast for dinner, including Christmas tree waffles, sausage balls of coal, and Grinch fruit kabobs. The Christmas tree pancakes were particularly popular: 3 triangles of green-dyed waffles stacked in a column with strawberry slices and blueberries serving as Christmas lights.

The rest of the night, we played games that included Christmas present bowling, pin the baby Jesus on the manger, human snowman building, cookie decorating, and unwrapping a large plastic wrap ball of presents. The snowman building was a particularly big hit, and it was hard to keep the children from over-decorating their Christmas cookies.

The teens were slightly disappointed that we weren't able to get to all our games, but they had a blast putting on this party. A big thanks and praise to God for the wonderful teens at our church, who not only ran this party, but came up with the idea on their own and organized it all themselves (the parents helped too - thanks, parents!). We are so blessed to have such an amazing witness of faith in our midst.


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