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The First Problem

Here's an at-home bible study to do with your household or friends. Many of the questions are accessible to all ages. There's a household activity at the end.

1. What's your default response when you mess up?

2. Read Genesis 3 (the First Sin). What does this story tell you about God? About yourself?

3. Focus on Genesis 3:1-6. How many reasons can you find for why they ate the fruit (hint: there's at least 5, but you may need to read Genesis 2:15-17 to find one)? Think about your own sins; what are all the reasons you do something wrong?

4. Focus on Genesis 3:7-8. Why do you think the Woman and the Man were suddenly ashamed to be naked? Why did they hide from God? What does it feel like when you know you've sinned?

5. Focus on Genesis 3:9-13. How many things did the Man and the Woman do wrong now? When you do 1 thing wrong (like a little white lie), how many other things seem to go wrong?

6. Why do you think God kicked the people out of the Garden? Which mistake was the real problem? Was the first sin the point of no return (which problem counts as the first sin anyway)? What do you think God would have done if they confessed their sin and asked for forgiveness?

7. After the people sin, does God abandon them? What does God do? If this sin is so bad, why do you think God keeps showing up in the rest of the Bible?

8. There were 2 special trees in the Garden. What were their names (Genesis 2:9)? Which tree did the Man and the Woman eat from? At the end of Chapter 3, which tree is being guarded? Why do you suppose this tree suddenly needs protection?

9. Bonus: Read Romans 5:12-21. What is similar between sin and God's grace? What's different? Which one is more powerful?


The Tree of Life shows up again in Revelation 22 with twelve kinds of fruit so that there's always fruit on the tree all year round and healing leaves. Often in artwork, the tree of life is presented as the Cross of Christ come to life, no longer dead wood but flourishing.

Making a drawing of the Tree of Life as you imagine it.

Tree of Life, Saint Clement Parish, Chicago


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