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What is Evangelism?

Evangelism comes from a compound Greek word, putting together the Greek word for “good” or “well” with the word for “message” or “announcement”. That sounds simple. Evangelism is a good announcement.

In Old English, the compound word for “good announcement” is gospel. Or, as we say in modern English, “good news”. That sounds simple too. Evangelism is telling “good news”.

But it gets simpler! In the middle of “evangelism” you might recognize another word you know: Angel. An angel is simply a messenger in the Bible, but specifically a messenger from God. An evangelist is someone who’s one of God’s angels.

So here’s the question: Are you willing to be one of God’s angels? That’s what it means to do evangelism: Being an angel.

We have an evangelism goal right now, and it’s measurable: 24 new connections (came to a regular activity of the congregation at least twice) .

To meet that goal, we need everyone regularly doing two things:

  1. Be an angel. Be an angel to someone new every week.

  2. Pray. Angels have messages from God, and how can you know God’s message if you’re not spending time talking to God? Before and after being someone’s angel, pray for them.

That’s it. Two steps. And everyone one of us can do those two steps. If even half of us do those two things even half the time, our goal will seem tiny compared to what God will do through and for us.

~Pastor Tyler


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