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Christmas @ Home

Where's Home at Christmas?

Do You Know the Christmas Story?

What's Christmas All About?

Christmas in Modern Bethlehem

Kids Tell Christmas

Scroll through to watch some of our favorite tellings of the Christmas story by kids.

Kids Tell Christmas Stories

Kids Tell Christmas Stories

Watch Now

What About Advent?

Celebrating Advent in 4 Minutes

Have You Heard of the Magnificat?

Christmas Music

Bethlehemian Rhapsody

What a Glorious Night

We could add so many more Christmas songs, but we would never be able to add everyone's favorites. Instead, we want to encourage you to try some of the new contemporary Christmas songs. We all have old favorites, but there are tons of new songs that at touching our hearts today as well. PraiseCharts has great lists for just this purpose, include the Top 100 Christmas Songs of 2018 and the Top 25 New Christmas Songs for 2018. If you want to push back a few years, also try the Top 100 Christmas Songs of 2012.

Christmas Message

Be Present this Christmas

The Joy of Jesus' Birth

The Grace of God has Appeared

Longing for Christmas

Bonus Videos!

Advent Candles

Getting into the Part of Joseph

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