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Become a Member

Participate in Our Faith Community

The first step to becoming part of our faith community is simply to participate in it. Most things we do, including worship, is open to everyone, regardless of whether you're a member, a visitor, a guest, a stranger, or a friend.

New Christians

If you are a new Christian or simply exploring the Christian faith, we're glad to welcome you into what we believe is the most important journey of your life.

When someone feels called by Christ to enter our faith and wants Trinity Lutheran to be the family that supports them on their first steps into Christianity, we invite them a time of baptismal preparation, as we help them get ready for the most important day in a Christian's life: their baptism.

Upon baptism at Trinity, the newly baptized are declared full members of our congregation and fellow bearers of the light of Christ.

What is a Member?

Members are baptized Christians who have decided that Trinity Lutheran is their current faith home. Members are invested in the life and ministry of our congregation, supporting it with their time, talents, and resources. Members are people the congregation intentionally cares for and supports along their faith journey.

Transfer from Another Congregation

Often people come to Trinity Lutheran from another congregation. Whether you were active in your previous congregation, or you have not been a regular part of your last faith community for years, we ask all new members to spend some time with us renewing their faith as they choose to become part of our community.

It is also important that you provide us your baptism date, the date of your confirmation if confirmed, and the contact information of your current congregation that we might let them know that your membership is being transferred to our congregation.

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