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Youth Group

Growing in Faith

The teens at Trinity are some of the most beloved and active members of the congregation. They step up in ways that are simply miraculous, leading us adults in faith that is both engaged and at the same time always searching and questioning.

We always welcome friends and guests into our group, so feel free to visit and join us as we grow in faith and serve the Lord.

Mission Trips

Every year we try to organize 2 mission trips, one in the summer and one in the winter. The summer trip may be to the ELCA Youth Gathering, WOW Urban Ministries in Tennessee, or another place where we can serve and grow in faith together. Our winter trips are local intensives, serving our neighbors in the Lehigh Valley, Bucks County, or the Philadelphia region.

Biweekly Meetings

Every other Sunday, the teens gather at the parsonage for Bible study, a meal, and games. We spend an hour learning about our faith and talking together about the issues that concern teens the most. Then we sit down for a home cooked meal and share what's been going on in our lives. At the end, we spend an hour playing games or watching a movie. Board game favorites include Code Names, Snake Oil, and Ticket to Ride.

Overnights and Service Events

More than anything, the teens love overnights and service events.


A few times a year, we'll take a whole night to hang out and grow in faith at church. We may do a 30 Hour Famine, a Sleepout for Homelessness, or any number of other fun faith activities.


We also take ample opportunity to serve, making food at a soup kitchen, helping with the homeless worship in Philadelphia, or doing fundraisers for upcoming mission trips.

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