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Sunday morning worship is a big thing in the Church. You can't be a person of faith if you're not part of a community of faith; it's simply impossible. The Holy Spirit works in and through the gathered Church in beautiful and often surprising ways.

At the same time, faith can't stay at Church. Faith doesn't work that way. And 1 or 2 hours on Sunday morning isn't enough to instill faith as a pattern in our lives. God isn't in just one moment in our lives each week; God is in every moment of our life.

To that end, we are slowly building a set of resources for use at home, or while you're waiting at the dentist, or when you're sitting on a boat waiting for the fish to bite, or wherever you find yourself needing to engage what it means to be a person of faith.

Where's Your Bible?

Over time there will be many resources available for your faith edification, but the first and most important page to visit is our Bible Recommendations page. On this page you'll find advice for what type of bible to get at any age, from infants to the years of wisdom and beyond. Not only do we recommend what we feel are the best physical bibles to buy, but also helpful apps and websites for entering the scriptures. Please stop over at that page before going anywhere else!

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