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God's Work. Our Hands. Neighbors loved.

On September 9th, members of Trinity joined the congregations of the Upper Bucks Conference of Lutheran Churches at St. Andrew's Lutheran in Perkasie for "God's Work. Our Hands." Sunday.

Hundreds of people came together to love and serve our neighbors near and far. After an opening service of blessing, the big event of the day was a meal packing, where we packed around 30,000 meals for people in hunger throughout the world. It was a massive undertaking, involving hauling bags, measuring and packing, and hauling more bags. But with everyone working together, we managed to pack all those meals in less than two hours.

But that wasn't the only thing we did that day! We also pack school bags full of supplies for kids who can't afford their own, we filled containers with cookies for area first responders and emergency crews, we put together health kits for Lutheran Disaster Response, and we colored cards for those who will be sleeping at the Code Blue shelter this winter and bookmarks for hundreds of local elementary school teachers.

And that's still not all! Before that Sunday even began, our conference worked together to gather household supplies for people who had been resettled in Bucks and surrounding counties from Puerto Rico, after being displaced by a hurricane. Because even a year after the hurricane, Puerto Rico is still in shambles, including the fact that many schools aren't open yet, many families are planning to make Pennsylvania their permanent home. Together, our conference gathered basic kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room supplies, such as sheets, towels, silverware, and cleaning products.

Over a dozen people from Trinity joined us in our efforts that day, but many others donated goods and supplies for the event and for hurricane resettlement efforts. Many thanks to all the hearts that reached out to our neighbors and showed them the love of Christ.

~Pastor Tyler


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